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Beta/Control/Subscription Test Stock Images)
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Pitney Bowes Stock Images

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Revised 12/11/2023

Stock Images supplied by Pitney Bowes

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Brief BETA Test Background:

       For the BETA test, PBSE offered a stock image gallery of 26 images. Each image was described by a word listing for each of the listed image subjects. The listing was done by PAGE and ROW, from the top to the bottom and left to right on the image gallery page.

Category) Seasonal/Holiday (26 images)
                     Page 1 Row 1: archway, baby, Banff Tower, cosmos
                     Page 1 Row 2: cruise ship, dolphin, Dorado Beach, Dorado Beach (Puerto Rico)
                     Page 1 Row 3: fingers, fish, fisherman's wharf, flowers
                     Page 1 Row 4: Fog Mountains, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Indian Head (Quebec)
                     Page 1 Row 5: invitation, orchid, Sedona (Arizona), silver swords
                     Page 1 Row 6: snowman, stairway, steeple, turtles
                     Page 1 Row 7: Walter, wedding bells

Stock Images supplied by Pitney Bowes

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Brief CONTROL Test Background:

       For the CONTROL test, PBSE offered a stock image gallery (software version 01.02.0013; which was released in January 2007). The image gallery contained 12 Categories (shown below in red). Each CATEGORY contained a descriptive word listing for each of the listed image subjects. The listing was done by PAGE and ROW, from the top to the bottom and left to right on each of the image gallery pages.
        Due to software updates, images in the stock gallery from June 2006 to January 2007 were changed in January 2007. Prior to that there is no known record of offered images.

Pitney Bowes CONTROL Test Stock Images (12 categories)
          Category 1) Contractors/Tradsmen (7 images)      
                     Page 1 Row 1) brick layer, carpenters, electrician (2x), painter
                     Page 1 Row 2) plumber, roofer
          Category 2) Event Planning (13 images)
                     Page 1 Row 2: bakery, bands
                     Page 1 Row 3: caterer (2x), Celebrate with us, DJs, florist
                     Page 1 Row 4: florist, limousine, martini, musician, party
                     Page 1 Row 5: serving
          Category 3) General Business (12 images)
                     Page 1 Row 5: 50 Percent Off Sale, 50 Percent, anniversary sale
                     Page 1 Row 6: buckle up, exclusive offer, Labor Day sale, photos enclosed, smiley face
                     Page 1 Row 7: spring closeout sale, storewide sale, Thank you, thankful for business
          Category 4) Non-Profit (5 images)
                     Page 1 Row 8: fundraiser, literacy, school safety, Support Education, Support Literacy
          Category 5) Patriotic (5 images)
                     Page 1 Row 9: Made in the USA (2x), patriotism, Support Our Troops
                     Page 2 Row 1: Support Our Vets
          Category 6) Professional Services (24 images)      
                     Page 2 Row 1: accountant, cardiac health, Check Your Blood Pressure
                     Page 2 Row 2: dentist (2x), doctor, financial planning, for lease
                     Page 2 Row 3: investment services, Just listed, legal documents, legal services, massage therapist
                     Page 2 Row 4: medical therapist, nurse, realtor, retirement investing, school physicals
                     Page 2 Row 5: Sold (2x), tax preparation, travel agent, veterinarian
                     Page 2 Row 6: weight management
          Category 7) Religious (1 image)
                     Page 2 Row 6: Worship Together
          Category 8) Retail/Ecommerce (13 images)
                     Page 2 Row 6: antiques
                     Page 2 Row 7: auto parts, bookstore, CDs, fresh fruit, music
                     Page 2 Row 8: pet supplies, plants, seafood, shipping, sushi
                     Page 2 Row 9: tag sale, wine and spirits
          Category 9) Seasonal/Holiday (38 images)
                     Page 2 Row 9: arbor day, fall
                     Page 3 Row 1: fall, Happy 4th, Happy Chanukah (2x), Happy Easter
                     Page 3 Row 2: Happy Easter, Happy Father's Day, Happy Halloween (3x)
                     Page 3 Row 3: Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays (3x), Happy Mother's Day
                     Page 3 Row 4: Happy New Year, Happy Passover, Happy Thanksgiving (2x)
                     Page 3 Row 5: Happy Valentine's, jack-o'-lantern, Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, Safe Halloween
                     Page 3 Row 6: Santa, Season's Greetings (2x), secretary's day, snow
                     Page 3 Row 7: snow shovel, snowflake, spring, St. Patrick's Day (2x)
                     Page 3 Row 8: summer
          Category 10) Service Businesses (20 images)
                     Page 3 Row 9: auto body repair, cleaning service, cosmetology
                     Page 3 Row 9: daycare, dog walkers, dry cleaners (2x), education services
                     Page 4 Row 1: exterminator, graphic designer, hair salon, lawn service, movers
                     Page 4 Row 2: moving, personal trainer, printer, security systems, towing
                     Page 4 Row 3: treat your lawn, tree services
          Category 11) Special Occasions (27 images)
                     Page 4 Row 4: baby shower, Bar Mitzvah
                     Page 4 Row 4: Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, birthday cake, celebrate with us, christening/baptism
                     Page 4 Row 5: Congrats, Get Well, graduation, Happy 40th, Happy Anniversary
                     Page 4 Row 6: Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Happy Day, It's a Boy, It's a Girl
                     Page 4 Row 7: New Home, party, summer BBQ, Thank You (2x)
                     Page 4 Row 8: Thinking of You, wedding shower, With Sympathy, You're Invited (2x)
          Category 12) Sport and Hobbies (33 images)
                     Page 4 Row 9: arts & crafts, ballet, baseball (2x)
                     Page 5 Row 1: baseball, bowling, camping, cycling, downhill skiing
                     Page 5 Row 2: exercise, football (2x), gardening, golf
                     Page 5 Row 3: kicking, hockey, knitting, motorcycling, photography
                     Page 5 Row 4: photography, riding, running, sailing, snowboarding
                     Page 5 Row 5: sports, swimming, tennis (3x)
                     Page 5 Row 6: tennis, vacation, volleyball, waterskiing

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