Specialty Clubs
for Stamp Collectors

Revised 07/21/2011
Canadian Aerophilatelic Society
        E-mail: rmalott@magma.ca

American Air Mail Society
        E-mail: sreinhard1@optonline.net
        Website: www.AmericanAirMailSociety.org

Metropolitan Air Post Society
        E-mail: bugsmashers@frontiernet.net
        Website: www.metroairpost.com

Alaska Collectors Club
        E-mail: eknapp@gci.net
        Website: www.alaskapostalcollectors.org

American Philatelic Congress
        E-mail: rosstowle@yahoo.com
        Website: www.americanphilateliccongress.org

American Philatelic Society
        E-mail: apsinfo@stamps.org
        Website: www.stamps.org

Americana Unit
        E-mail: ddengel@verizon.net
        Website: www.americanaunit.org

Arizona-New Mexico Postal History Society
        E-mail: jlmeyer_2000@yahoo.com

Armenian Philatelic Association

Art Cover Exchange Society
        E-mail: artcoverexchange@aol.com
        Website: www.artcoverexchange.org

Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania,
        E-mail: stulev@ix.netcom.com
        Website: www.sasoceania.org

Austria Philatelic Society
        E-mail: lwros@comcast.net
        Website: www.AustriaPhilatelicSociety.com

American-Belgian Philatelic Society
        E-mail: wdhandlin1@comcast.net
        Website: groups.hamptonroads.com/ABPS

Bermuda Collectors Society
        Website: www.bermudacollectorssociety.com

Biology Unit
        E-mail: chris-dahle@biophilately.org
        Website: www.biophilately.org

Booklet Collectors Club

Brazil Philatelic Association
        E-mail: info@brazilphilatelic.org
        Website: www.brazilphilatelic.org

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group
        E-mail: rramkissoon@juno.com
        Website: www.bcpsg.com

British North American Philatelic Society
        E-mail: charleslivermore@hotmail.com
        Website: www.bnaps.org

British West Indies Study Circle
        E-mail: jseidl@mindspring.com
        Website: www.bwisc.org

Bullseye Cancel Collector's Club
        E-mail: stanleyvernon@sbcglobal.net
        Website: www.jeffhayward.com/bull/mem.htm

Postal History Society of Canada

Canadiana Study Unit
        E-mail: robert.haslewood058@sympatico.ca

Canal Zone Study Group
        Website: www.czsg.org

Carriers and Locals Society
        E-mail: martinR362@aol.com
        Website: www.pennypost.org

Carto Philatelic Society
        E-mail: ajordan1@maine.rr.com
        Website: www.mapsonstamps.com

Cats on Stamps Study Unit
        E-mail: mabrown@nc.rr.com
        Website: www.catsonstamps.org

Civil Censorship Study Group
        E-mail: clablonde@aol.com
        Website: ccsg.postalcensorship.com

American Ceremony Program Society
        E-mail: jkpete@pacbell.net
        Website: www.webacps.org

Chemistry and Physics on Stamps Study Unit
        E-mail: mmorgan@lausd.k12.ca.us
        Website: www.cpossu.org

Chess on Stamps Study Unit
        E-mail: reott@nts-online.net
        Website: www.russott.com/stamps1.htm

Chile Specialist Association
        E-mail: carlos@cvphoto.net

China Stamp Society
        E-mail: secretary@chinastampsociety.org
        Website: www.chinastampsociety.org

Christmas Philatelic Club
        E-mail: walton@beauvais1.com
        Website: www.hwcn.org/link/cpc/

Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society
        E-mail: betsychuck@att.net
        Website: cscss.home.att.net

Churchill International Society
        E-mail: dmyers@winstonchurchill.org
        Website: www.winstonchurchill.org

Cinderella Stamp Club
        E-mail: franciskiddle@talk21.com
        Website: www.cinderellastampclub.org.uk

Colorado Postal History Society
        E-mail: rrydberg5@comcast.net
        Website: www.ColoradoPostalHistorySociety.com

Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society
        E-mail: lilski@ec.rr.com
        Website: ccps.maphist.nl/

Confederate Stamp Alliance
        E-mail: trishkauf@comcast.net
        Website: www.csalliance.org/

Connecticut Postal History Society
        E-mail: connphs@yahoo.com
        Website: www.ct-postalhistory.org

Colombia-Panama Philatelic Study Group (COPAPHIL)
        E-mail: tpmphil@hotmail.com
        Website: copaphil.org

Society of Costa Rica Collectors
        E-mail: rherna3870@aol.com
        Website: www.socorico.org

Cover Collectors Circuit Club
        E-mail: bandart@bellsouth.net
        Website: www.geocities.com/coverccc/index.html

Croatian Philatelic Society
        E-mail: eckSpahich@cableone.net
        Website: www.croatianstamps.com

Cuban Philatelic Society of America
        E-mail: ecuesta@philat.com
        Website: www.philat.com/cpsa/

Society for Czechoslovak Philately
        E-mail: klfck1@oaol.com
        Website: www.csphilately.org

Dakota Postal History Society
        E-mail: garyndak@comcast.net
        Website: www.dakotapostalhistorysociety.org

Disabled Collector's Correspondence Club
        E-mail: siosal@hotmail.com
        Website: members.aol.com/DisabledCC

Disinfected Mail Study Circle
        E-mail: vdvpratique@aol.com

National Duck Stamp Collectors Society
        E-mail: ndscs@hwcn.org
        Website: www.ndscs.org

Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections
        E-mail: esperstamps@esperstamps.org
        Website: esperstamps.org

Egypt Study Circle
        E-mail: egyptstudycircle@hotmail.com
        Website: egyptstudycircle.org.uk

Eire Philatelic Association
        E-mail: brennan704@aol.com
        Website: www.EirePhilatelicAssoc.org

Associated Collectors of El Salvador
        E-mail: joehahn2@yahoo.com
        Website: www.elsalvadorphilately.org

Empire State Postal History Society
        E-mail: gestus@westelcom.com
        Website: www.esphs.org

Ephemera Society of America
        E-mail: info@ephemerasociety.org
        Website: www.ephemerasociety.org

Errors, Freaks & Oddities Collectors Club
        E-mail: cwouscg@aol.com
        Website: www.efocc.org

Ethiopian Philatelic Society
        E-mail: fbheiser@comcast.net
        Website: home.comcast.net/~fbheiser/ethiopia5.htm

Europa Study Unit
        E-mail: eunity@aol.com

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
        E-mail: lizhisey@comcast.net
        Website: www.aape.org

Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group

Fine Arts Philatelists
        Website: www.philately.com/philately/fap.htm

Fire Service in Philately
        E-mail: jczaranek@aldephia.net
        Website: www.firestamps.com

American First Day Cover Society
        E-mail: afdcs@aol.com
        Website: www.afdcs.org

First Issues Collector Club
        E-mail: president@firstissues.org
        Website: www.firstissues.org

Florida Postal History Society
        E-mail: drb@gte.net
        Website: www.FPHSonline.com

France & Colonies Philatelic Society
        E-mail: edjjg@alum.mit.edu
        Website: www.drunkenboat.net/FrandCol/FCPSHome.html

Gay & Lesbian History on Stamps Club
        E-mail: glhsc@aol.com
        Website: www.glhsc.org

Georgia Postal History Society
        E-mail: nbc@cape.com
        Website: www.stampclubs.com/gphs/index.htm

German Colonies Collectors
        E-mail: jneilson@charter.net
        Website: www.gps.nu/studygroup/colonies/info.html

Germany Philatelic Society
        E-mail: mpeter@tritechcoatings.com
        Website: www.gps.nu/

International Philatelic Golf Society
        E-mail: rwspiers@aol.com
        Website: www.ipgsonline.org

Graphics Philately Association
        E-mail: indybruce1@yahoo.com
        Website: graphics-stamps.org

Great Britain Collectors Club
        E-mail: larry@gbstamps.com
        Website: www.gbstamps.com/gbcc

Great Britain Overprints Society
        E-mail: gbos@talk21.com
        Website: www.gbos.org.uk

International Society of Guatemala Collectors
        E-mail: info@guatemalastamps.com
        Website: www.guatemalastamps.com

Haiti Philatelic Society
        E-mail: cllloyd@bcpl.net
        Website: www.haitiphilately.org

Hawaiian Philatelic Society
        E-mail: gjc1@pge.com
        Website: www.stampshows.com/hps.html

Hellenic Philatelic Society of America
        E-mail: nick1821@optonline.net

American-Helvetia Philatelic Society
        E-mail: secretary@swiss-stamps.org
        Website: www.swiss-stamps.org

Hong Kong Stamp Society
        E-mail: hkstampsoc@yahoo.com
        Website: www.hkss.org

Society for Hungarian Philately
        E-mail: info@hungarianphilately.org
        Website: www.hungarianphilately.org

Illinois Postal History Society
        E-mail: mailart@earthlink.net
        Website: home.earthlink.net/~mailart/iphs/

India Study Circle
        E-mail: warren.john@epa.gov
        Website: www.indiastudycircle.org/

Indiana Postal History Society
        E-mail: faber@bluemarble.net
        Website: indianapostalhistorysociety.org

Society of Indo-China Philatelists
        E-mail: ron.bentley@verizon.net
        Website: sicp-online.org

Iran Philatelic Study Circle
        E-mail: bnassre@pacbell.net
        Website: www.iranphilatelic.org

Society of Israel Philatelists
        E-mail: intrepid09@cox.net
        Website: www.israelstamps.com

Italy and Colonies Study Circle
        E-mail: l.r.harlow@btinternet.com
        Website: www.icsc.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

International Society for Japanese Philately
        E-mail: isjp@isjp.org
        Website: www.isjp.org/

Journalists, Authors and Poets on Stamps Study Group (JAPOS)
        E-mail: cdelvaux@msn.com

Junior Philatelists of America

Korea Stamp Society
        E-mail: jtalmage@usit.net
        Website: www.pennfamily.org/KSS-USA/

Latin American Philatelic Society
        E-mail: jkbeck@uark.edu

Liberian Philatelic Society

Lighthouse Stamp Society
        E-mail: dalene1@champmail.com
        Website: www.LighthouseStampSociety.org/

Lions International Stamp Club
        E-mail: dslion@juno.com

Lithuania Philatelic Society
        E-mail: variakojis@earthlink.net
        Website: www.withgusto.org/lps/

Local Post Collectors Society
        E-mail: enotriaLP@aol.com
        Website: www.lopocollectors.com

Machine Cancel Society
        E-mail: gcarlson@columbus.rr.com
        Website: www.machinecancel.org

Mailer's Postmark Permit Club
        E-mail: enotriaLP@aol.com
        Website: www.mppclub.org

Maritime Postmark Society
        E-mail: fmcgary@yahoo.com
        Website: www.judnick.com/Judnick/MaritimePostmarkSociety.htm

Auxiliary Markings Club
        E-mail: nbc@postal-markings.org
        Website: www.postal-markings.org

Masonic Study Unit
        E-mail: radpm@comcast.net

Massachusetts Postal Research Society
        E-mail: hjwd@hjwdonline.com

Mathematical Study Unit
        Website: www.math.ttu.edu/msu/

Maximum Card Study Unit

Meter Stamp Society
        E-mail: joel5215@aol.com
        Website: www.meterstampsociety.com

Asociacion Mexicana de Filatelia
        E-mail: alejandro_grossmann@yahoo.com
        Website: www.amexfil.org

Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society International
        E-mail: mebanchik@aol.com
        Website: www.mepsi.org

Military Postal History Society
        E-mail: dubine@comcast.net
        Website: www.MilitaryPHS.org

Minnesota Postal History Society
        E-mail: minnjohn@alum.mit.edu

Mobile Post Office Society
        E-mail: dnc@math.uga.edu
        Website: www.eskimo.com/~rkunz/mposhome.html

Napoleonic Age Philatelists
        E-mail: donsmith65@msn.com
        Website: www.nap-stamps.org

Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle
        E-mail: editorofpostalhimal@cox.net
        Website: www.fuchs-online.com/ntpsc/

American Society of Netherlands Philately
        E-mail: hkremer@usa.net
        Website: www.angelfire.com/ca2/asnp

New Hampshire Postal History Society
        E-mail: peterdupuy@cheshire.net

New Jersey Postal History Society
        E-mail: njpostalhistory@aol.com
        Website: members.aol.com:/njpostalhistory/phsindex.htm

Nicaragua Study Group
        E-mail: billinaz@cableone.net

North Carolina Postal History Society
        E-mail: tcrumbley2@bellsouth.net

Ohio Postal History Society
        E-mail: tallyp2001@yahoo.com
        Website: www.ohiopostalhistory.org

Old World Archaeological Study Unit
        E-mail: merle.farrington@fmglobal.com
        Website: www.owasu.org

Orange Free State Study Circle

Ottoman and Near East Philatelic Society
        E-mail: rstuchell@msn.com
        Website: www.oneps.org

Pacific Islands Study Circle
        E-mail: info@pisc.org.uk
        Website: www.pisc.org.uk

Pacific Northwest Postal History Society
        E-mail: wrbeith@comcast.net
        Website: www.PNWPHS.org

Papuan Philatelic Society
        E-mail: szirinsky@cs.com

Peninsular State Philatelic Society (Michigan's Postal History Society)
        E-mail: efisherco@earthlink.net
        Website: home.earthlink.net/~efisherco/index.html

Pennsylvania Postal History Society
        E-mail: nshachat@msn.com
        Website: www.PaPHS.org

Perfins Club
        E-mail: oak462@optonline.net
        Website: www.perfins.org

Petroleum Philatelic Society International
        E-mail: corwin@pdq.net

American Society for Philatelic Pages and Panels
        E-mail: membership@asppp.org
        Website: www.asppp.org

Pearl Harbor Study Group

Society of Philatelists and Numismatists

Society of Philaticians
        E-mail: iibick@sbcglobal.net

International Philippine Philatelic Society
        E-mail: ryacano@triad.rr.com
        Website: www.theipps.info

Pitcairn Islands Study Group
        E-mail: nalweller@aol.com
        Website: www.pisg.org

Plate Number Coil Collectors Club
        E-mail: gctrinks@cox.net
        Website: www.pnc3.org

American Plate Number Single Society
        E-mail: secretary@apnss.org
        Website: www.apnss.org

American Society of Polar Philatelists
        E-mail: alanwar@att.net
        Website: www.polarphilatelists.org

Polonus Philatelic Society
        E-mail: chris@kulpinski.net

International Society for Portuguese Philately
        E-mail: cjh1491@sbcglobal.net
        Website: www.portugalstamps.com

Post Mark Collectors Club
        E-mail: TeAmo@mindspring.com
        Website: www.postmarks.org

Postal History Foundation
        E-mail: phf3@mindspring.com
        Website: www.postalhistoryfoundation.org

Postal History Society
        E-mail: boedom@cox.net

Postal Label Study Group
        E-mail: smithplsg@aol.com
        Website: hometown.aol.com/teg93/index.html

Postal Order Society
        E-mail: jharwood2@comcast.net

United Postal Stationery Society
        E-mail: poststat@gmail.com
        Website: www.upss.org

International Federation of Postcard Dealers
        E-mail: rgnpcs@optonline.net

Poster Stamp Collectors Club
        E-mail: dick3@cox.net

Precancel Stamp Society
        E-mail: arnsel@verizon.net
        Website: www.precancels.org

Prexie Study Group

Federation Quebecquoise de Philatelie
        E-mail: fqp@philatelie.qc.ca
        Website: www.philatelie.qc.ca

Society of Ration Token Collectors

Collectors of Religion on Stamps
        E-mail: corosec@sbcglobal.net
        Website: my.vbe.com/~cmfourl/coros1.htm

American Revenue Association
        E-mail: revenuer@dmv.com
        Website: www.revenuer.org

Rhodesian Study Circle
        E-mail: bwall8rscr@earthlink.net
        Website: www.rhodesianstudycircle.org.uk

        E-mail: roshq@hotmail.com
        Website: www.rotaryonstamps.org

Rossica Society of Russian Philately
        E-mail: ejpjla@comcast.net
        Website: www.rossica.org

Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society
        E-mail: admin@ryukyustamps.org
        Website: www.ryukyustamps.org

Fellowship of Samoa Specialists
        E-mail: MMiller@LadasParry.com
        Website: www.samoaexpress.org

Sarawak Specialists' Society
        E-mail: stulev@ix.netcom.com
        Website: www.britborneostamps.org.uk

Scandinavian Collectors Club
        E-mail: dbrent47@sprynet.com
        Website: www.scc-online.org

Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation
        E-mail: alanwar@att.net

Scouts on Stamps Society International
        E-mail: wmcreitz@aol.com
        Website: www.sossi.org/

Official Seal Study Group

Universal Ship Cancellation Society
        E-mail: shaymur@flash.net
        Website: www.uscs.org/

Ships on Stamps Unit
        Website: www.shipsonstamps.org

Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa
        E-mail: bobhisey@comcast.net
        Website: psgsa.thestampweb.com/

Souvenir Card Collectors Society
        E-mail: kriebewv@drexel.edu

Space Topics Study Group
        E-mail: ctorrisi@nyc.rr.com
        Website: stargate.1usa.com/stamps/

Spanish Philatelic Society
        E-mail: jb.wells@verizon.net

Spellman Museum of Stamps/Postal History
        E-mail: george.norton@spellman.org
        Website: www.spellman.org

Sports Philatelists International
        E-mail: docj3@sportstamps.org
        Website: www.sportstamps.org

St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society
        E-mail: madfody@hotmail.com
        Website: www.atlanticislands.org

St. Pierre & Miquelon Philatelic Society
        E-mail: dallen@axionet.com

National Stamp Dealers Association
        E-mail: nsda@nsdainc.org
        Website: www.NSDAinc.org

        E-mail: stamperdad@yahoo.ca
        Website: www.stamporama.com

Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club
        E-mail: ajordan1@maine.rr.com
        Website: www.stampsonstamps.org

State Revenue Society
        Website: www.mckellips.net/SRS

Tannu Tuva Collectors Society
        E-mail: yurttuva@yahoo.com
        Website: www.tuva.tk

Texas Postal History Society
        E-mail: lcboardman@aol.com
        Website: www.texasphilatelic.org/texpex.html

Society for Thai Philately
        E-mail: hrblake@asia.net.co.th
        Website: www.thaiphilately.org

American Topical Association
        E-mail: americantopical@msn.com
        Website: www.americantopicalassn.org

Trans Mississippi Philatelic Society
        Website: www.virtualstampclub.com/apsaff_tmps.html

Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society
        E-mail: Yurko@warwick.net
        Website: www.upns.org

United Nations Philatelists
        Website: www.unpi.com

U.S. Cancellation Club
        E-mail: rrrhoads@aol.com
        Website: www.geocities.com/Athens/2088/uscchome.htm

U.S. Philatelic Classics Society
        E-mail: membershipchairman@uspcs.org
        Website: www.uspcs.org

U.S. Possessions Philatelic Society

U.S. Stamp Society
        E-mail: lombardi@usstamps.org
        Website: www.usstamps.org/

Vatican Philatelic Society
        Website: www.vaticanphilately.org

Vermont Philatelic Society
        E-mail: gestus@vermontps.org
        Website: www.vermontps.org

Virginia Postal History Society

West Africa Study Circle
        E-mail: prnew@shaw.ca
        Website: www.wasc.org.uk

Western Cover Society
        E-mail: jandndrew@aol.com

Wine on Stamps Study Unit
        E-mail: dewolf2@swbell.net
        Website: www.wine-on-stamps.org

Wisconsin Postal History Society
        E-mail: wbrob@hotmail.com

International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors
        E-mail: ExecutiveDirector@iswsc.org
        Website: www.iswsc.org/

APS Writers Unit
        Website: www.wu30.org

Zeppelin Collectors Club
        E-mail: cherylganz@yahoo.com
        Website: www.americanairmailsociety.org

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