"Beach Post" Labels
Masonboro Island ~ Wilmington NC

Revised 11/03/2010

November 7, 2009

3rd issue of Wilmington Local "Beach Post" Labels

Aerial Island View #1 Weekend Gathering Aerial Island View #2 Aerial Island View #3
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May 1, 2008

2nd issue of Wilmington Local "Beach Post" Labels
Nature Photographs by Dorothy Pugh

Snow Geese Tricolored Heron Great Egret Laughing Gull
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April 19, 2007

1st issue of Wilmington Local "Beach Post" Labels

Pix #001 Pix #002 Pix #003 Pix #004
Pix #001 Pix #002 Pix #003 Pix #004
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1st Mail ever posted on Masonboro Island via Beach Post
First Day Cover Cancelation Ceremony
Postmaster Hank with his assistants, Hunter, Carolyn & Richard

Pix #001 Pix #002 Pix #003 Pix #004 Pix #005 Pix #006
Pix #001 Pix #002 Pix #003 Pix #004 Pix #005 Pix #006

         Postmaster Hank along with his assistants, Hunter, Carolyn and Richard ventured out by boat to Masonboro Island where they generated the 1st mail ever to be posted from the island. 100 First Day Covers were prepared using the new special "Beach Post" labels. These covers along with the "Beach Post" label stock were then transmitted back to Wilmington by boat where the covers were posted on April 19, 2007 at the Myrtle Grove Post Office, Wilmington NC for further delivery through the US mails.

Local Post Cancel


A) A postage stamp is an adhesive or imprinted stamp issued by the government (USPS) for pre-payment of postage to carry the mail.
B) A cinderella (stamp) or poster (stamp) is a label (similar in appearance to a postage stamp) which does not carry the mail.
C) A local post (stamp) is a label (similar in appearance to a postage stamp) which is used within a limited geographical area possibly to/from a remote location that is not serviced by the USPS.

Cinderella's include telegraph stamps, railway stamps, revenues, fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues, Christmas seals, Red Cross, TB and other charity seals, registration labels, advertisement and exhibition labels and many other similar items.

Local-Post's include amongst others, Shrub Oak Local Post issued by Herman Herst Jr in the 1950s, Rattlesnake Island Local Post for air service between Rattlesnake Island and Sandusky OH and some foreign islands such as Lundy, etc. Some Local-Posts are produced simply to sell to collectors and tourists.

Cinderella's and Local-Post stamp designs generally follows the principles of postage stamp design. Many typically lack a country name (often replaced by the organization or cause being promoted) and a denomination (sometimes in a fictitious unit of currency).

Masonboro Island

Masonboro Island is the largest undisturbed barrier island along the southern part of the North Carolina coast. It is located approximately five miles southeast of Wilmington. Masonboro Island is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Atlantic Intra-coastal Waterway to the west, Masonboro Inlet to the north and Carolina Beach Inlet to the south. It is located in the most populous part of the North Carolina coastal area.

Masonboro Island is 8.4 mile long island encompassing approximately 5,046 acres, 87 percent of which are covered with marsh and tidal flats. The remaining 619 acres are composed of beach uplands and dredged-material islands.

Masonboro Island is an essentially pristine barrier island and estuary system (where tidal ocean salt waters meet river fresh waters). It can only be reached by boat. It is uninhabited by people and is not supported with any utilities or postal facilities but is the frequent destination of boating-campers, beach-goers and tourists.

The habitats found on Masonboro Island include sub-tidal soft bottoms, tidal flats, hard surfaces, salt marshes, shrub thicket, maritime forest, dredge spoil areas, grasslands, ocean beach and sand dunes.

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