Round-the-World Flights

Linda Finch (World Flight 1997), Recreation of Amelia's Round-the-World Flight

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	In June 1937 Amelia Earhart took to the skies in her Lockheed 10E Electra to become the 
first pilot to fly round-the-world at its longest point, the equator.  She never accomplished 
her dream. She and her navigator, Fred Noonan disappeared after leaving Lae, New Guinea never 
reaching their next stop at Howland Island.  On July 2, 1937 President Roosevelt authorized a 
search but on July 18th the search was abandoned.  Amelia and Fred were lost forever. The 
world has formulated their legacy namely, "that limits are most times more perceived than 
real. Don't accept limits imposed by society, believe in yourself, accomplish your dreams." 

	Sixty years later Linda Finch would accomplish her dream to follow in Amelia's footsteps 
completing Amelia's unfinished round-the-world flight in a similar Lockheed 10E Electra.  Her 
round-the-world flight was called, "World Flight 1997."  The engine manufacturer, Pratt and 
Whitney sponsored Linda's flight.  Her navigator was Gianfranco "Denny" Ghiringhelli.   
Finch's almost three-month flight included dropping a wreath over Howland Island.  She 
flew round-the-world 26,004 nautical miles, touched down on six continents and made 34 stops 
in 18 countries.

Itinerary: (under construction)
Departed Oakland, CA                    03/17/97	
	Burbank, CA
	Tucson, AZ
	New Orleans, LA
	West Palm Beach, FL
	Miami, FL                       03/31/97
	San Juan, Puerto Rico
	Cumana, Venezuela
	Paramaribo, Suriname
	Fontaleza, Brazil	                     
	Natal, Brazil
	Saint Louis, Senegal
	Dakar, Senegal
	Gao, Mail
	N'Djamena, Chad
	El Fasher, Sudan
	Massawa, Ethiopia
	Assab, Ethiopia
	Karachi, Pakistan
	Calcutta, India
	Akyab, Burma
	Rangoon, Burma
	Bangkok, Thailand
	Bandung, Indonesia
	Surabya, Indonesia
	Kupang, Indonesia
	Darwin, Australia               05/08-14/97
	Lae, New Guinea
	Howland Island                  Droped a wreath.
	Honolulu, HI
Arrived Oakland, CA                     05/28/97      	

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