Round-the-World Flights

First British Airways Concorde G.BOAF Supersonic Round-the-World Air Tour (86-01)

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Flown Cover Cover - Rear Concorde G.BOAF Cachet Flight Card
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The world's first supersonic transport (SST) to enter commercial passenger service was the (British Aircraft Corporation/French Aeropatiale) Concorde. Twenty Concordes were built between 1966 and 1980 including two prototypes and two pre-production models built to further refine and test the aircraft design. The remaining 14 planes were equally purchased by British Airways and Air France per the below schedule:

British Airways 
#204 G.BOAC 
#206 G.BOAA 
#208 G.BOAB 
#210 G.BOAD 
#212 G.BOAE 
#214 G.BOAG 
#216 G.BOAF 
Air France 
#203 F.BTSC (Crashed on July 25, 2000) 
#205 F.BVFA (Donated on June 12, 2003 by AF to the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, D.C)
#207 F.BVFB 
#209 F.BVFC 
#211 F.BVFD (Withdrawn from use, stored & used for spare parts)
#213 F.BTSD 
#215 F.BVFF 

The 1st Air France Concorde flew on March 2, 1969 piloted by Andre Turcat and Jaques Guignard. Similarly, the 1st British Airways Concorde flew on April 9, 1969 piloted by Brian Trubshaw and John Cochrane.

What perfect application for a plane that can fly in excess of twice the speed of sound, than to be used on round-the-world tours. This tour was organized by John Players & Sons and Imperial Tobacco Ltd. It made nine stops as it proceeded west round-the-world in 16 days. A special edition of the book, "The Concorde Story" was commissioned by John Player to mark this event.

Leg #1   Departed London - NY              11/08/86
Leg #2      New York, NY - Oakland         11/10/86
Leg #3      Oakland, CA - Honolulu         11/12/86
Leg #4      Honolulu, HI - Guam            11/15/86
Leg #5      Guam - Hong Kong               11/15/86
Leg #6      Hong Kong - Bali               11/19/86
Leg #7      Bali, Indonesia - Colombo      11/22/86
Leg #8      Colombo, Sri Lanka - Bahrain   11/22/86
Leg #9      Bahrain - Cairo                11/22/86 
Leg #10     Cairo, Egypt - London          11/22/86
         Arrived London  

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