Round-the-World Flights

First Homebuilt Solo Round-the-World Flight

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Donald P Taylor MK Sponsor Team Don in Cockpit Victoria 76 Don's Autograph
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	After Lt Col Donald P Taylor retired from the US Air Force in 1962, he began his 
quest to fly round-the-world.  With the help of John Thorp, Lycoming, Sensenich and 
his wife, Lois, Don built his Thorp T-18 homebuilt aircraft. His first 
round-the-world flight attempt ended in 1973 when bad weather between Japan and the 
Aleutians helped him make the decision to abort his flight 4,000 miles short of his goal. 
	Don needed to raise money to finance a second RTW attempt and to retrofit his 
aircraft with a new wet-wing in lieu of his existing baggage compartment fuel tank. 
Amongst other aircraft improvements, he also had to up-grade his radio navigation 
equipment, instrumentation and cowling air intake. Necessity forced Don's creativity.
He obtained the sponsorship of MK Products and its founder, Mike Kensrue who supplied 
him with the necessary financing and a worldwide link of MK dealers who whould support 
his round-the-world flight.
	MK Products (Irvine CA) manufactures an advanced line of computerized welding 
machines which automated the settings for orbital tube welding. Their line of Cobramatic 
wire feeders have world-wide recognition. For their sponsorship of Don's RTW flight, MK 
Products got world-wide notoriety.
	Don's second RTW flight began on August 1, 1976 from Wittman Field in Oshkosh WI. 
He flew his homebuilt round-the-world returning to Oshkosh on October 1, 1976 setting 
a new aviation milestone for a light-class homebuilt aircraft. Don Taylor's tenacity and 
courage carried him through his flight. His dream, "I will build an airplane, and I 
will fly it round-the-world," had come true.


Departed Oshkosh, WI                08/01/76
     Burlington VT              							
     Moncton, Canada            	 
     Goose Bay, Labrador        
     Narssarssuaq, Greenland    
     Keflavik, Iceland          
     Leeds-Bradford, England    
     Venice, Italy              
     Athens, Greece             
     Elazig, Turkey             
     Tehran, Iran               
     Zahedan, Iran              
     Karachi, Palistan          
     Ahmadabad, India           
     Nugpur, India             
     Calcutta, India           
     Bangkok, Thailand          
     Kula Lumpur, Malaysia     
     Kuching, Malaysia          
     Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia   
     Zamboanga, Philippines    
     Davaq, Philippines        
     Yap Island                
     Truk Island               
     Ponape Island              
     Wake Island                
     Midway Island              
     Adak, AK                  
     Cold Bay, AK               
     Anchorage, AK              
     Fairbanks, AK              
     White Horse, Canada        
     Fort Saint John, Canada    
     Edmonton, Canada            
     Minot, ND
Arrived Oshkosh, WI                       10/01/76

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