Round-the-World Flights

Over Both Poles & Round-the-World Tour

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Flown Cover Dustin Autograph Certification Navy Letter Plane-Convair 990A
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	Frederick G. Dustin was employed as a fuel engineer on the SECOND BYRD ANTARCTIC 
EXPEDITION (1933-35).  As with many of the men involved with this expedition, Dustin 
went on to participate in other important explorations. 
	In 1968  Modern Air Transport chartered a Convair 990A (N5615) called "Polar 
Byrd I" to fly round-the-world on an exotic world tour. The flight carried 68 
passengers and set no speed records but did land on November 22, 1968 on the 
10,000-foot ice runway at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica (U.S. Navy) for refueling. Such 
a landing of a commercial jet has never been permitted since. The Convair 990A was 
built by Convair/General Dynamics.
	Frederick G. Dustin was commander for this round-the-world flight exploration.


Departed Boston, MA                        11/08/68
	Thule, Greenland
		over the North Pole        11/09/68
	Anchorage, Alaska
	Cold Bay
	Tokyo, Japan
	Manila, Philippines
	Darwin, Australia
	Sydney, Australia
	Auckland, New Zealand
	Christchurch, New Zealand
	McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
		over the South Pole        11/22/68 
	Rio Gallegos, Argentina
	Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
	Manaus, Brazil
	Paramaribo, Surinam
	Dakar, Senegal
	Rome, Italy
	Copenhagen, Denmark
	Moscow, Russia
	London, England
Arrived Boston, MA                         12/03/68 

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