Round-the-World Flights

Ann Pellegreno Followed Earhart's Round-the-World Flight

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	Ann Pellegreno with her crew decided to retrace Amelia Earhart's round-the-world 
flight route in a Lockheed Electra 10A. Her crew was made up of William L. 
Polhemus (navigator), William "Bill" R. Payne (co-pilot), and Lee Koepke (owner and 
restorer of the Electra).  The Electra was originally registered in Canada as CF-TCA 
and re-registered in the US as N79237 when Ann and her crew made their
round-the-world flight.
	Ann proceeded from Willow Run, Detroit MI on June 7, 1967 to Oakland, CA to take 
off from the same airport that Amelia departed 30 years before. It was wheels-up on 
this commemorative round-the-world flight on June 9, 1967 when she took off from 
Oakland flying east on their journey.  They followed the same route Amelia and Fred 
followed in 1937 but for better re-fueling connections, landed at differing 
airports. They carried 2,000 sets of philatelic covers that would be canceled at 
various cities on their path, to be sold to collectors to help finance their flight. 
	After a refueling stop at Nauru in the Pacific, Ann flew to Howland Island 
making a tribute fly-over at approximately the same time, on the same day as Amelia 
Earhart and her navigator,  Fred Noonan would have arrived there 30 years before on 
July 2, 1937.  On that day, July 2, 1967 Ann personally drooped a wreath 
commemorating the history-making round-the-world effort of Amelia and Fred.  She 
arrived back at Oakland, CA on July 7, 1967 having completed her commemorative 
round-the-world flight.  She then returned the Electra to Willow Run arriving there 
on July 10, 1967. 


Departed Willow Run, Detroit, MI (Pre Flight)        06/07/67
	South Bend, IN
	Cedar Rapids, IA
	Ogden, UT
Departed  Oakland, CA (Start round-the-world)        06/09/67
	Tucson, AZ
	Fortworth, TX
	New Orleans, LA
	Miami, FL
	San Juan, Puerto Rico
	Caracas, Venezuela
	Paramaribo, Suriname
	Belem, Brazil
	Natal, Brazil (Atlantic Ocean crossing)      06/15/67
	Dakar, Senegal                               06/17/67
	Las Palmas, Canary Islands
	Lisbon, Portugal
	Rome, Italy
	Ankara, Turkey
	Tehran, Iran
	Karachi, Pakistan                            06/22/67
	New Delhi, India
	Calcutta, India
	Bangkok, Thailand
	Singapore                                    06/27/67
	Djhkarta, Indonesia
	Kupang, Timor
	Darwin, Australia
	Port Moresby, New Guinea
	Lae, New Guinea (Pacific Ocean crossing)     06/30/67
	Nauru Island
	Howland Island (Fly-over)                    07/02/67
	Canton Island
	Honolulu, HI
Arrived Oakland, CA (Finish round-the-world)         07/07/67
	Denver, CO  (Post flight)
	Newton, KS
	Oshkosh, WI
Arrived Willow Run, Detroit, MI      	             07/10/67

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