Round-the-World Flights

First Plane to Fly Round-the-World Over Both Poles

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Flight Crew Flying Tigers 707 Flown Cover Flown Cover Balchen Autograph
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"First Plane to Fly Round-the-World over both Poles" "Round-the-World Speed Record" "First Jet to fly over the South Pole" "Set speed record for flying between the North and South Poles"
Plane: Flying Tigers B-707-320G (Pole Cat) Pilots: Capt. Fred L. Austin (autograph) TWA, Pilot Capt. Harrison Finch TWA, Pilot Capt. Jack Martin Flying Tigers, System chief pilot Capt. Robert N. Buck TWA, International division James R. Gannett Boeing, Senior engineering test pilot Crew: Flight Engineers Dino Valazza TWA James M. Jones TWA Eugene Olson Flying Tigers Navigators John Larsen Formerly TWA & now consultant, Weems Corp Lauran DeGroot Lear-Siegler E.A. Hickman Flying Tigers Flight Operations Goodwin Lyon Geo Atmos Explorations Passengers: Science folk Dr. Donald Goedeke Douglas Aircraft Co (space research) Dr. Serge Korff New York University William Sandie New York University Capt. N.A. Lieurance U.S. Weather Bureau (USN-Ret) Walter B. Gartner Serendipity Inc William King NASA Observers Col. Bernt Balchen ("First Person to Fly over both Poles") Edward C. Sweeney National Aeronautic Association, President Bart Locanthi National Aeronautic Association, Flight timer Col. W.F. Rockwell Rockwell-Standard Corp, Chairman (Flight Sponsor) Edward J. Williams Rockwell-Standard Corp, VP (Flight Sponsor) Dr. Randolph Lovelace Lovelace Clinic Father Anderson Bakewell Holy Trinity Church, Washington, D.C. William Schulte Former FAA & International AeroClassic, Chairman John Debois Explorers Club Earl D. Johnson Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Jr. Explorers Club Melvin B. McKinney Union Bank of Los Angeles, VP Photographers Don Moser Life Magazine J. R. Eyerman Life Magazine (led the press group) Press Clete Roberts Los Angeles TV personality Joseph Longo Geo Atmos Explorations, Photographer Wayne W. Parrish Specialized business press Itinerary: Departed Palm Springs, CA Honolulu, HI 11/14/65 (Over the North Pole) London, England Lisbon, Portugal Buenos Aires, Argentina (Over the South Pole) Christchurch, New Zealand Honolulu, HI 11/17/65 Arrived Burbank, CA

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