Round-the-World Flights

Russian-American Round-the-World Flight

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	A flight Round-the-World was being planned in Chicago at the Century of Progress in 1934. 
A group of American flyers together with a Russian representative intended to fly a Sikorsky 
S-37-2 Sesquiplane Seaplane (NR-942M) round-the-world from Chicago to Chicago.  A sesquiplane 
is a monoplane with a small auxiliary wing just above the landing gear. This seaplane was 
originally made by Sikorsky for the Consolidated Company as their Model 12 for Army evaluation. 
Failing to meet Consolidated's requirements, it was re-build by Sikorshy in 1929 with two 
Jupiter engines.

	The purpose of this intended circumnavigation was to cement trade relations between the US 
and Russia. The first ever Russian ambassador to the US, Alexander Antonovich Troyanovsky made 
a special trip to the Century of Progress to inspect the Sikorsky Sesquiplane before the start 
of the flight.

	Sadly, the plane crashed at sea in 1934 ending this round-the-world flight attempt. 

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