Round-the-World Flights

Marjorie Shuler, 1st women to fly completely RTW as a passenger

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		Marjorie Shuler was a suffrage lobbyist who authored the book, The Woman 
Voter's Manual (1918).  After women won the right to vote in 1920, in her role as 
chair of publicity of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, she authored 
several articles and books. They included, Getting Your Money's Worth from Washington 
(1921), Let Us Put Fear Aside (1930) and Have It Your Way (1932). 
		Consistent with her women's rights agenda, Marjorie began her excursion 
round-the-world in May, 1938. When the Graf Zeppelin was not available for her 
Atlantic crossing because of the non-availability of helium, she departed New York 
City on the steamer, Nieuw Amsterdam.  After her arrival in Plymouth, England, she 
went by train to Southampton, England (London) to begin her heavier-than-air plane 
journey round-the-world.  She boarded the Imperial Airways, "Cordelia" that refueled 
at Marignane, France (Marseilles) on its way to Athens, Greece. In her book, "A 
Passenger to Adventure," she detailed her round-the-world excursion. When she returned 
to New York City, Marjorie had made it round-the-world but she wanted to leave her mark 
on history by continuing on several months later to Marignane, France (Marseilles) so 
she would be remembered as being the first woman to fly completely round-the-world 
as a passenger on heavier-than-air commercial airlines. She wanted, "the whole world, by air."
		Marjorie said, "I am going round-the-world as a symbol of the (women) passengers 
who will follow me." Earlier she said, "Fear is the enemy of aeronautics but intelligence 
can find its way out of any difficulty." And after her round-the-world accomplishment, 
she said, "Speed is for pilots not for me, I want to understand people and nations."


Departed New York City                         05/18/38
            On the Nieuw Amsterdam Steamer Ship as the Graf Zeppelin 
              was not available due to helium non-availability.
         Plymouth, England                      
            By train.
         London, England
            Began her round-the-world flying excursion on Imperial Airways 
              flying boat, "Cordelia."
Arrived Marignane, France  (Marseille)         06/13/38
         Lake Bracciano, Italy (Rome)
         Brindisi, Italy
         Phaler on Bay, Greece (Athens)		
         Alexandria, Egypt (Cairo)
            Side Round Trip to Nairobi, Kenya via Lake Victoria & Khartoum, Ethiopia.
         Tiberius, Iraq (Basra)
         Karachi, Pakistan
         Delhi, India
         Cawnpore, India
         Allahabad, India
         Calcutta, India
         Rangoon, Burma
         Bangkok, Thailand
            Side Round Trip to Sydney, Australia via Singapore & Djakarta, Indonesia
         Hong Kong                             08/02/38								
         Manila, Philippines
            Continued her RTW excursion on Pan American Airways (China Clipper)
         Wake Island
         Midway Island
         Honolulu, HI
         San Francisco, CA
            Continued her transcontinental journey on United Airlines
         Salt Lake City, UT
         Chicago, IL
Arrived New York City                          08/16/38
Departed New York City                         06/17/39
            Continued RTW on Pan American Airways (Atlantic Clipper)
         Horta, Azores
         Lisbon, Portugal
Arrived Marignane, France (Marseille)          06/19/39 	

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