Round-the-World Flights

George Hutchinson, his wife and two daughters attempt a flight Round-the-World

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Hutchinson Family
In 1927 Lt Col George Hutchinson, his wife, Blanche and his two girls, (Kathryn & Janet Lee) flew their Stinson to the state capital of each of the 48 states. This was the first family flight with landings in each state. Shortly after, the Hutchinson family became a story line for the kids' aviation adventure series, "The Flying Family" on the radio. In 1932 George and his family tried to be the first family to cross the Atlantic but the flight ended when their Sikorsky S-38 Amphibian and crew crashed in the sea off the coast of Greenland. They were rescued by the "Lord Talbot" fishing trawler. Their intended round-the- world family tour ended. In 1939 in a twin engine Lockheed Electra, George Hutchinson with his family and crew embarked on a world flight that would take them round-the-world. George sensed the troubled world situation and had hoped his world flight would be a vehicle to strengthen world fellowship and bring the nations of the world closer together. On their flight, they carried a "Scroll of All Nations" that they would bring to each of the 68 nations of the world to be signed by the chief executive of each country. The Scroll was translated into 36 languages. It read: "We the leaders of the nations of the earth, Whose portraits and signatures are here assembled for the first time, Proclaim our greeting and good wishes to all people in the fervent hope, That this document may serve to strengthen world fellowship, For the greater glory and welfare of humankind." The family round-the-world global nations' flight was immortalized in another kids' adventure radio series, "The Flying Hutchinsons" which was sponsored by Pepsi Cola. Their round-the-world goodwill trip was abandoned after they received news of unsettled world conditions. Up to the start of WW-II, the Hutchinson family, George, Blanche, Kathryn and Janet Lee continued to travel with sponsors in a bid to prove that air travel was indeed a viable way for families to travel. Itinerary: (AAMS TO #1319) Washington DC 04/24/39 Canada 04/26/39 Cuba 04/29/39 Haiti 05/02/39 Dominican Republic 05/04/39 Trinidad & Tobago 05/08/39 Suriname 05/11/39 Brazil 05/16/39 Argentina 05/23/39 Uruguay 05/25/39 Chile 06/01/39 Bolivia 06/06/39 Peru 06/09/39 Ecuador 06/11/39 Venezuela 06/13/39 Columbia 06/14/39 Canal Zone 06/15/39 Panama 06/16/39 Costa Rica 06/18/39 Nicaragua 06/20/39 Honduras 06/20/39 Salvador 06/21/39 Mexico 06/27/39 Flight Round-the-World abandoned (WW-II began in Europe on 09/03/39)

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