Round-the-World Flights

Juan Trippe of Pan American Airlines With His Wife Travel Round-the-World

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Martin M-130 Early Pan Am Logo Juan & Betty Trippe San Fran/Honolulu Manila/San Francisco
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Juan and Betty Trippe, the first husband/wife to fly "RTW" by commercial aircraft.

36,000 miles in 38 days

October 14th to November 20, 1936

	On November 22, 1935 Pan American Airways began carrying mail across the Pacific
with its newly acquired Martin M-130 flying boat. Pan American decided to expand this 
transpacific mail service to passenger carrying service on October 21, 1936.

	Seven days before the inauguration of this new passenger service, on October 14, 1936 Pan 
Am's Juan Trippe organized a personal air trip for some influential associates to fly across 
the Pacific.  They were:
	Juan Trippe - President & General Manager of Pan American Airways
	William Mc Adoo - Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee
	Wallace Alexander - Chairman of the Matson Steamship Line
	William Roth - President of the Matson Steamship Line
	Sonny Whitney - Chairman of Pan Am board of directors
	Roy Howard - Chairman of Scripps-Howard newspapers
	Paul Patterson - President of the Baltimore Sun newspaper
	Amon Carter - Publisher of the Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper
	Earlier Trippe's wife, Betty traveled by steamship from San Francisco to Hawaii on the 
SS Lurline so she would be there to meet her husband when his flight arrived in Hawaii.  
 	Trippe, Betty and their associates continued their flight across the Pacific mixing 
business and pleasure on their many stops.

Departed San Francisco - on October 14, 1936
	Wake Island
	Hong Kong - Made a side trip to Peking & Shanghai and other CNAC air routes on 
			    a Douglas Dolphin float plane. Juan and Betty left their associates 
			    and departed on October 30, 1936 via Imperial Airways.
	Denang, (Tourane) South Viet Nam
	Saigon, South Viet Nam
	Penang, Malaysia
	Bangkok, Thailand
	Calcutta, India
	New Delhi, India - Made a side trip to the Taj Mahal via a small chartered plane.
	Jodhpur, India
	Karachi, Pakistan
	Gwadar, Pakistan
	Sharjah, UAE
	Bagdad, Iraq
	Gaza, Palistine
	Alexandria, Egypt
	Crete, Greece
	Brindisi, Italy
	Rome, Italy
	Marseille, France
	Paris, France
	London, England - Met with Charles & Anne Lindbergh
	Berlin - By train to Frankfurt	
	Frankfurt (Friedrichshafen) Departed November 5, 1936 for Rio De Janeiro on the 
				6th South American Flight of the Hindenburg under the assumed
				names of Mr & Mrs Brown to avoid any publicity.
	Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Departed on November 17, 1936 to Miami, FL on a Pam Am 
				S-42 with stops at San Juan (Puerto Rico), San Pedro de Macoris, 
				Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) & Port au Prince (Haiti).
	Miami, FL - Departed on November 20, 1936 for New York via Eastern Airlines.
Arrived	New York, NY on November 20, 1936

	Juan and Betty had traveled from San Francisco round-the-world to New York. They 
privately claimed to be the first husband & wife to fly round-the-world by commercial aviation 
but did not publicize their adventure as Trippe didn't want his journey to be called a

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