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PhotoCard Background:

        PhotoCard began in December 2009 as a free App for the iPhone and iPad. This App was written by nature photographer, Bill Atkinson. It allowed users to design their own PhotoCard, customized stamp and personal written message. The completed high-resolution laminated jumbo color PhotoCard (8.25" x 5.5") could be sent directly by PhotoCard free via eMail or as a "print and mail" service via the USPS.
        Postcards cost from $1.50 - $3.00 including USPS shipping depending on the number of credits purchased and the destination. To alleviate any improper/offensive images on the stamp for which Endicia was the provider, Atkinson became a deputy postal inspector with authority to approve or reject user photographic images.
       The PhotoCard App had tools for editing photos, creating custom graphic designs, fonts, script signatures, decorative enhancement stickers and custom voice messages. PhotoCards, including the customized postage stamps, were printed on a local commercial HP Indigo digital press.
       PhotoCards had two Sides, a Back and a Front. For Side-1 (Front), users could select one of PhotoCard's free nature photographs taken by Atkinson or supply their own image.

Front (Side 1) Partial sampling of Stock Nature PhotoCard Images

EndiciaOtto003 EndiciaOtto004

Back (Side 2) Partial sampling of Stock Voice, Sticker & Font Choices

Stock Voice Pix                                        Stock Sticker Pix                                        Stock Fonts   
ottoVoicePix001                            ottoStickersPix001                            ottoFontsPix001

Back (Side 2) Partial sampling of Stock Stamp PhotoCard Images

ottoStampsPix001 ottoStampsPix002 ottoStampsPix003

        The Back (Side 2) of the PhotoCard was divided in half. On the left side the user's personal message was printed with optional decorative enhancement stickers and the user's signature. On the right side the recipent's address was printed. At the upper right the customized postage stamp was printed directly onto the card stock. The user could use photos offered by PhotoCard or supply their own design.        More PhotoCard details
        Unlike all other Customized Postage offerings, PhotoCard's digital postage stamps could not be offered as physically printed stamps, and the stamp size and aspect ratio of the designs were an automatic function of the uploaded images.
        Each printed PhotoCard personalized stamp was assigned a unique serial number starting with "B" to distinguish it from Endicia's "peel and stick" Picture-It-Postage stamps which had a serial number starting with "A". Only the denominations listed in the chart below were available on PhotoCards during the noted periods.

PhotoCards as issued

( ( (
EndiciaOtto007 EndiciaOtto005 EndiciaOtto006

       After providing this service for 10+ years, PhotoCard ceased operations on March 18, 2020.

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