Round-the-World Flights

Johanson West Round-the-World Flight (#2)

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	One of Jon Johanson's dreams was to fly to Oshkosh, WI to attend the EAA annual aviation meet.  But 
Jon was just a normal person who had to prove that an ordinary fellow is capable of doing extraordinary 
things.  He followed his dream of having his own plane by building his own craft, a "Van's Aircraft kit, 
model RV-4, registered VH-NOJ. Construction took 2 years followed by testing the plane and testing himself 
for long distance flights.  When satisfied, he then flew east round-the-world 1n 1995.
	But a dream satisfied is only the path for the next dream.  This time Jon would fly west
round-the-world.  He would visit Oshkosh again and many of his friends along the way. He made his 2nd 
round-the-world flight in a total flying time of 260:17H, a total night flight of 38:39H and a total IFR 
time of 12:40H traveling a total distance of 38,258 miles. 
	Jon lamented on his return home, "Once again we have proven to the world that custom built aircraft are
real aircraft and a force to be reckoned with" and "If you believe in luck I have been extraordinarily 
lucky. If you believe in more than luck, I have been exceedingly well cared for.  Till next time, keep 
smiling and may you be as well cared for as I have been.  Jon's crusade to others was now clear, "Dare to
dream and never give up."
	He wrote a book, "Aiming High" describing his path to the skys. 


Departed Adelaide, Australia               06/21/96
	Port Lincoln, Australia            06/24/96
	Perth, Australia                   06/25/96
	Karratha, Australia                06/28/96
	Cocos Island                       06/29/96
	Rodrigues Island                   06/30/96
	Mauritius Island                   07/01/96
	Durban, South Africa               07/04/96
	Johannesburg, South Africa
	Port Elizabeth, South Africa       07/10/96
	Capetown, South Africa 
	East London, South Africa          07/14/96
	Upington, South Africa 
	Walvis Bay, Southwest Africa 
	Ascension Island                   07/17/96
	Recife, Brazil                     07/17/96
	Barbados                           07/20/96
	Fort Lauderdale, FL                07/22/96
	Kennedy Space Center, FL           07/25/96
	Kirksville, KY
	Lancaster, PA                      07/29/96
	Oshkosh, WI                        07/30/96
	Kirksville, MO                     08/19/96
	Ft. Collins, CO                    08/21/96 
	Leadville, CO
	Loveland, CO                       08/23/96
	Jackson Hole, WY                   09/02/96
	Redmond, OR         
	Sunset Park, OR                    09/05/96
	Salmon Arm, Canada                 09/10/96
	Sunset Park, OR
	San Carlos, CA (SF)                09/11/96
	Santa Paula, CA (LA)               09/12/96
	Hilo, HI                           09/16/96
	Christmas Island                   09/18/96
	Pago Pago, American Samoa          09/19/96
	Norfolk Island                     09/20/96
	Lord Howe Island 
	Sydney, Australia                  09/24/96
	Melbourne, Australia               09/26/96
Arrived	Adelaide, Australia                09/27/96
	Jon's first round-the-world flight adventure in 1995 and his next in 2000.  

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