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	JAT (Jugoslovenski AeroTransport) traces its history back to June 17, 1927 when
Aeroput was founded providing regional flying services. It became operational on February 15, 
1928 and joined the International Air Traffic Association (IATA) in 1929. By 1930, it provided 
the shortest air link between Central Europe and the Aegean area crossing the Yugoslav 

	The development of JAT was interrupted by WW-II. After the war it began again on April 1, 
1947 under its present name "Yugoslav Airlines" (JAT).  It established flights to all Yugoslav 
domestic destinations, as well as international flights to Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest and 
Tirana.  In 1950 it introduced flights to Zurich, Munich and Frankfurt, in 1951 to 
Thessaloniki and Athens, and in 1952 to Paris.  That same year, it opened representative 
offices in all the foreign cities its planes were flying to.

	The real change in JAT's development was brought on by jetliners.  Having carried 
1,200,000 passengers in 1970, JAT became a medium size airline.  Long range flights were then 
tackled.  The first step in the direction of intercontinental flights was made in 1970, when 
JAT purchased its first four-engine Boeing B-707 long-range airplane.  It first organized 
charter flights and then tours round-the-world and flights to a network of worldwide 

	Before the introduction of UN sanctions, JAT had regular flights from Yugoslavia to 61 
destinations on 5 different continents, serving the needs of 4.5 million passengers and 43 
thousand tons of cargo annually.  It looks to the future with great expectations.    


Departed Beograd, Jugoslavia           12/25/74
         Beirut, Lebanon
         New Delhi, India
         Bangkok, Thailand
         Hong Kong
         Kyoto, Japan
         Tokyo, Japan
         Honolulu, HI
         San Francisco, CA		 
         New York City, NY
         Buffalo, NY
Arrived  Beograd, Jogoslavia           01/13/75

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