Round-the-World Flights

Business Jet Round-the-World Record Flight

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	Rockwell-Standard Corporation wanted to dramatically demonstrate that its "Jet 
Commander" aircraft was the finest business jet airplane ever built.  William F. Rockwell Jr.
its President sought four pilots to make a world record flight round-the-world. The 
co-captains selected for their varying backgrounds were:
Karl Keller - highly trained engineer and test pilot
Dick Merrill - outstanding pilot 
Fred Austin - air pioneering pilot
Arthur Godfrey - devoted his private and public life to aviation and its advancement 

	After the flight at the TWA Terminal at La Guardia Airport in New York, the four 
pilots boasted of the safety and reliability of business jet aircraft and more specifically 
of the "Jet Commander." It flew over 23,000 miles in all kinds of weather and temperature 
variations by four men of varying backgrounds. The crew of four and the "Jet Commander" 
actually did it, set 21 world records in 55H 30M flying time round-the-world. 
	Godfrey documented this round-the-world flight by signing an  air mail cover that he 
mailed on June 8, 1966, the day after they returned to La Guardia.

Flight Itinerary
United States: New York City
Canada: St. Johns (Newfoundland)
Azores: St. Maria
Spain: Madrid
Greece: Athens
Iran: Teheran
Pakistan: Karachi (unscheduled stop)
India: Bombay
Sri Lanka: Colombo
Borneo: Butterworth
Malaysia: Labaun
Philippines: Manila
Taiwan: Taipei
Japan: Tokyo & Chitose (Hokkaido)
Aleutian Islands: Shemya
Alaska: Anchorage
United States: Seattle, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City & New York City

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