Round-the-World Flights

Cover sent Round-the-World from the United Nations in NYC

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UN Headquarters/NYC RTW Cover NY Cancel Australia Cancel London Cancel
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United Nations
June 26, 1945 Charter signed in San Francisco March 21, 1946 Headquarters at Hunter College, New York City August 19, 1946 Headquarters at Lake Success, New York January 1947 UN Board of Design began the design the NYC UN permanent headquarters consists of 4 buildings: the Secretariat building the General Assembly building the Conference building the Dag Hammarskjold Library building July 1947 Razing of the 18 acre site began (Site donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr) September 1949 Construction began. September 1950 Secretariate building completed. October 24, 1951 UN issues first stamps. October 24, 1952 7th Anniversary of signing UN Charter (First Day Issue) New York City permanent headquarters completed. First Day Cover of UN stamp #12 canceled on October 24, 1952 at the UN permanent headquarters in NYC and sent westerly first to Melbourne Australia, then to London England and finally back to the US and its final destination of Stephanville TX completing its round-the-world trip from the UN in New York City.

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