Round-the-World Flights 1940 thru 1944

Revision: 02/01/2007

1940 ....."New Zealand to London & Round-the-World Flight Service" (TO #1344)
From: 04/30/40 To: 07/06/40 (Auckland to Auckland, New Zealand)
Miles Flown:
Flying Time:
Plane Type: Short S-30 Flying Boat (Auckland/Sydney)
Plane Name: Aotearoa
Pilot Name: Captain J.W. Burgess
Comments: Aviation is linking the world with another way to travel round-the-world by air.
1940 ....."Wartime Round-the-World Flight Cover"
From: 06/21/40 To: 08/26/40 (Juneau to Juneau AK)
Miles Flown:
Flying Time:
Plane Type: Sikorski S-42 et al
Plane Name:
Pilot Names: W.J. Jones et al
Comments: Confused routing round-the-world due to deteriorating war situation.
1941 ....."First Military Round-the-World Flight in a Land-Based Plane"
From: 09/13/41 To: 10/30/41 (Washington DC to Washington DC)
Miles Flown: 27,238 miles
Flying Time: 117H in 37D
Plane Type: Consolidated B-24 Bomber
Plane Name: xx
Pilot Name: Major Alva L. Harvey
Comments: First round-the-world flight by US military in a land-based plane.
1941/42 ....."First Round-the-World Flight by a Commercial Plane"
From: 12/01/41 To: 01/06/42 (San Francisco to New York)
Miles Flown: 31,500 miles
Flying Time: 209H 30M
Plane Type: Boeing 314A Flying Boat
Plane Name: Clippers (NC-18606/18602)
Pilot Name: Captain Robert Ford
Comments: Route home cutoff by Japanese forcing RTW flight back to the US.
1942 ....."Special Envoy, Willkie Round-the-World Goodwill Tour"
From: 08/26/42 To: 10/14/42 (New York, NY to Minneapolis, MN)
Miles Flown: 31,000 miles
Flying Time: 160H in 50D
Plane Type: Consolidated C-87 CF Liberator Express
Plane Name: Gulliver (111680)
Pilot Names: Richard T. Kight & Alexis Klotz, co-pilot
Comments: Wendell Lewis Willkie made this goodwill RTW tour crossing the equator twice.

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