Round-the-World Flights

First Eastward RTW Mail Flight via Northern TransAtlantic Air Service

& Canton China

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	A little more than a month after Pan Am's success in flying the "Southern Route" 
across the Atlantic Ocean, it inaugurated the transatlantic "Northern Route" on 
June 24, 1939.  Pan Am flew from New York by way of Shediac, New Brunswick Canada 
and then via Botwood, Newfoundland and Foynes, Ireland to Southampton, England (FAM-18).  
	Mail from the US to points beyond Southampton was dispatched by regular connecting 
air service via Imperial Airways from Europe to Canton, China in its round-the-world 
	Pan Am then provided air service across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco, CA 
(FAM-14) and Canadian transcontinental air service completed the round-the-world air 
routing via Montreal, Canada and Halifax, Nova Scotia back to Botwood, Newfoundland 
	Pan Am's "Yankee Clipper" (Boeing B-314 flying boat) piloted by Captain Arthur E. 
LaPorte made the US's first scheduled commercial transatlantic mail flight (Northern Route) 
and completed the first leg of round-the-world mail routing on scheduled flights.  

Cover Itinerary:

  June 24, 1939                        NYC Cancellation
  June 27, 1939     Pan American Yankee Clipper via Botwood Newfoundland
  June 28, 1939                        To Southhampton England 				
  July 12, 1939     Imperial Airways   To Canton China
  July 13, 1939                        Backstamp Canton China
                    Imperial Airways   To Hong Kong
                    Pan American       To Honolulu Hawaii
  July 25, 1939                        Backstamp Honolulu Hawaii
                    Pan American       To San Francisco California
  July 27, 1939                        Backstamp San Francisco
  July 28, 1939                        Backstamp Montreal Canada
  July 29, 1939                        Backstamp Montreal Canada
  July 30, 1939                        Backstamp Halifax Nova Scotia
  August 6, 1939                       Backstamp Botwood Newfoundland
  September 3, 1939 WW-II began in Europe

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