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Bertram Round-the-World Flight Attempt

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Hans Bertram's Flight to Hell
Hans Bertram (pilot), Thom (co-pilot), Adolph Klausmann (mechanic) and von Lagorio (cameraman) departed in their Junkers W-33D (float configuration) from Cologne, Germany on their round-the-world flight. On this flight they intended to visit German communities along their path and to find potential markets for Germany's aviation industry. Other than a forced landing at Porto Fossone, Italy because of blinding snow and motor trouble, their flight proceeded as planned until they reached Syria. Over the desert they went into a sand storm which clogged their carborator forcing them to land. In Cocanada, India to make the plane lighter co-pilot, Thom left the flight proceeding by rail and boat to meet them in Batavia, Indonesia. They met but it was further decided that Thom and von Lagorio would travel separately meeting them in Shanghai, China. Bertram and Klausmann would continue their flight together. They had their engine overhauled in the Dutch naval aerodrome, Moro-Krembangan in Soeeabaja, Indonesia. They refueled in Kupang heading for Port Darwin on the northwest coast of Australia. They flew into a violent storm finding it impossible to determine wind direction. Finally, with low fuel they were forced to land on the remote coastline on the northwest of Australia. They had little water and no food. Since there was no offical record of their flight, no search party was initially organized. They were on their own after their routine water crossing had become "a flight to hell." Finally, on June 23, 1932 they were rescued by a search party. They were taken to Perth, Australia for recuperation. Klausmann returned to Germany by steamer never fully recovering from his ordeal. Bertram had the plane repaired, removed the floats and for 4 1/2 months flew around Australia visiting several cities. On April 17, 1933 he returned to Berlin to a tumultuous welcome. His round-the-world flight would never be completed. He died at 87 in 1993. Itinerary: Departed Cologne, Germany 02/29/32 Friedrickshafen, Germany 03/05/32 Lugano, Italy Porto Fossone, Italy (forced landing) 03/07/32 Venice, Italy 03/08/32 Brindisi, Italy Athens, Greece 03/11/32 Castellorisso, Greece Alexandretta, Turkey Deir-ez Zor, Syria (forced landing) 03/18/32 Baghdad, Iraq El Khidr, Iraq Basra, Iraq 03/23/32 Bushire, Iran 03/24/32 Gwadar, Pakistan Karachi, Pakistan 03/26/32 Bombay, India 03/29/32 Mangalorre, India 03/31/32 Cochin, India Colombo, Ceylon 04/02/32 Negombo, India Pondicheri, India Madras, India 04/08/32 Cocanada, India Calcutta, India 04/10/32 Akyab, Burma 04/15/32 Rangoon, Burma 04/16/32 Bangkok, Thailand 04/22/32 Victoria Point, Malaya Penang, Malaya 04/24/32 Singapore 04/28/32 Palembang, Indonesia 05/01/32 Batavia (Djakarta), Indonesia 05/02/32 Soerabaja, Indonesia 05/07/32 Bima, Indonesia 05/12/32 Kupang, Timor 05/14/32 NW Australia coast (forced landing) 05/15/32

A few philatelic covers were posted by them from Rangoon and Australia. AAM TO #1162

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