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Mears & Collyer Round-the-World Flight

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Racing the Moon


John Henry Mears and Captain Charles B.D. Collyer

23D 15H 36M 5S

June 28th to July 22, 1928


"The City of New York"

Air cover (AAM TransOcean #1077), postmarked New York NY, July 22, 1928 & backstamped Manchuria China, July 10, 1928.

Flight Itinerary
United States: New York City (Manhattan) [Departed June 28, 1928]
Left NY in a seaplane piloted by Captain Harry Rogers to intercept the steamer, Olympic
Atlantic crossing: via the steamer "Olympic" with their plane carried on deck
France: Cherbourg and Paris by plane
Germany: Cologne & Berlin (Farmers Field) by plane
East Prussia: Koenigsburg by plane
Russia: Smolensk, Moscow, Kagan, Kourgan Siberia), Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk & Chita by plane
China: Mukden by plane
North Korea: Pyongyang by plane
Japan: Osaka & Tokyo (Tachikawa) by plane
Pacific crossing: via the steamer "Empress of Russia" with plane carried on deck
Canada: Victoria (British Columbia)
United States: Spokane WA, Minneapolis MN, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, Middletown PA & Staten Island (Miller Field) by plane
Staten Island Ferry to New York City (Manhattan) [Arrived July 22 1928]

Mears makes it RTW a second time setting a new record! They raced the moon and made it round the earth faster 
than the moon. The moon orbits the earth every 27D 7H.

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