Round-the-World Flights

Costes & LeBrix Round-the-World Flight

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	Captain Dieudonne Costes, a WW-I ace turned test pilot made a round-the-world 
flight with his navigator, Leutenant Commander Joseph LeBrix in a Breguet XIXGR biplane named 
"Nungesser et Coli" (1685), covering nearly 35,944 miles in 338 hours.  
	They departed from Le Bourget airfield in Paris, France on 10/10/27 heading southwest to 
Africa.  They flew non-stop 2,658 miles in 26 hours 30 minutes landing at Saint Louis, 
Senegal. They waited four days for good weather before beginning their non-stop 20 hour 
Atlantic crossing arriving at Natal, Brazil on 10/15/27.  They followed the coast south and 
croossed the Andes to Santiago, Chile. From Santiago they flew to La Paz, Bolivia.  
	They flew to Lima, Peru; Guayquil, Ecuador; and north to Panama City, Panama.  At Colon, 
Panama they diverted to Baranquilla, Columbia and Caracus, Venezuela before returning to 
Colon.  They then flew north to Guatemala City and Mexico City arriving at New Orleans, LA on 
02/04/28. From New Orleans they flew northeast to Washington, DC and onward to New York City. 
	They crossed the US with a stop at Mills Field in Michigan on 03/07/28 and continued on to 
San Francisco, CA. They made their Pacific crossing by steamer arriving in Tokyo, Japan. They 
departed Tokyo on 04/08/28 flying non-stop to Hanoi, Indo China.  They continued west via 
Calcutta, India; Karachi, Pakistan; Basra (Shaibah), Iraq; Aleppo, Syria; Athens, Greece and 
Marseilles, France before returning to a triumphant welcome at Le Bourget in Paris on

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