Round-the-World Flights

Air Mail Letter sent Round-the-World (1927)

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Around-the-World in 81 Days

By Air Mail for .45 Cents

On March 7, 1927, a few months before Lindbergh made his solo non-stop transatlantic flight, DE Richason sent an Air Mail letter from Wooster OH addressed to the Campus Book Store (College of Wooster ~ where he worked) routed via various countries linked in a chain around the world.

On May 27, 1927, after the passing of 81 days, the Air Mail letter was returned to Wooster OH appropriately backstamped at each interim country during its around-the-world journey.

Air cover, tying C-7x4 and #628 made the around- the-world trip from Wooster to Wooster, Ohio in 81 days.

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