Round-the-World Flights

Herbert Strang Sent His Fictitious Thesiger Smith RTW in 7 Days

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A 1910 fictional account of a seven day flight round-the-world and of Lieutenant Thesiger Smith who dared to pilot this first circumnavigation of the globe in a pioneer aeroplane including his many side adventures along the way.

Lt Charles Thesiger Smith (British Royal Navy) with his companion, M. Laurent Rodier (French) casually completed a full engine overhaul in two hours before beginning their RTW Flight. Their plane carried minimum fuel but could fly for hours at great speeds. They had the briefest of charts but navigated over unchartered lands. They did no advance provisioning but could easily fly over oceans without worry about food or sleep. This story of Charley and Roddy was a fantastic adventure journey that pushes your imagination to its limits. Some considered their RTW flight to be a great aviation hoax.
  • Thursday London, England
  • Friday Constantinople, Turkey
  • Saturday Karachi, India
  • Sunday Bombay, India
  • Monday Brisbane, Australia
  • Tuesday San Francisco, CA
  • Wednesday Toronto, Canada
  • Thursday London, England

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