Grassy Point Sailing Community

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Port Charlotte, FL

Parking.................. 07/15/2011

Vehicle parking at the Port Charlotte Beach Complex

A) Vehicle parking is available at .75/hour
B) A parking violation ticket will cost $30.00
C) Charlotte residents can get a annual parking sticker
        1 Year at 53.50
        6 Month at 37.45
        3 Month at 28.75

To get an annual "Parking Sticker" application, Click Here


1) When the General Development Corporation created our community, the common beach complex was an intergral part of their plan. It was included as an attraction to perspective new property owners. The GDC intent was to create a planned community of homes, beaches, parks and convenient shopping centers, schools and churches.

2) Port Charlotte Subdivision Section 40 (Grassy Point Sailing Community) was created by GDC to attract retirees from the north with a love of boating and beaches.

3) It can be stated that the assessment of property taxes was higher for waterfront property with boat and beach access.

4) The County should offer a free or deeply discounted annual parking sticker for Grassy Point Sailing Community property owners who are "Resident Seniors."

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