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Speed Enforcement .................. Revised 08/21/2011

08/20/2011        On August 15/16th Charlotte County Traffic Engineering performed a "Speed Analysis" study on Cousley Drive. The results are below:
Speed Analysis Study
        The Charlotte County Traffic Superintendent, Don Purcell has been thanked for arranging this study. There will be some speed enforcement follow-up by the County Sheriff's Office.
07/05/2011        Charlotte County does not appear to support the use of Speed Humps. The logic that the County uses to support this position is as follows: The County owns the roads, the County will not fund the installation of Speed Humps, Residents cannot fund Speed Humps on roads they don't own............i.e. no Speed Humps on County roads. Further, the County fears lawsuits from drivers, walkers, joggers, bikers etc who might trip, fall, stumble and blame the Speed Hump for causing this to happen.
        The County is ready to make a "Speed Analysis" study for Cousley where they will monitor vehicle "type, speed & time" using their traffic computer. Upon completion of the "Speed Analysis" study, the County will make recommendations to identify and enforce any speeding problems. Forward your comments by eMail immediately so a formal request for this study can be made in a timely manner.
07/01/2011        Thanks to all who have responded to the SPEED HUMP DISCUSSION. This discussion is at the very beginning of discussing the pros and cons of such an effort. There is nothing to vote on until some firm plan is put forth. Is it true that power boaters like to go fast and sailboaters seem happy to go slow? People who always obey the speed limit generally don't like the idea of speed humps and people who are always in a rush, well they don't like speed humps either cause it slows them down. The truth is that there are people who do speed and this happens more than often on Cousley.
        When a firm plan is put forth, Charlotte County Public Works "Right of Way" will have the first vote to either accept of reject this plan. If they give their acceptance, then the whole Grassy Point Sailing Community (178 properties ~ 178 votes) will be invited to vote ye or nah.

Subject: Speed Enforcement

Below is a typical Speed Hump Site
Speed Hump Site

Proposed speed control solution: Install Speed HUMPS.

Location: Cousley between 138 Cousley and George Road
Speed Hump Site

Background: After passing the 90 degree turn at the entrance to Grassy Point Estates, Cousley becomes a straight road until its end at George. Residents and non-residents tend to speed up along this straight stretch of Cousley. In fact, speeding occurs in both directions on this section of Cousley. The speed limit for Charlotte County residential areas is xx mph. Traffic volume on Cousley is very light.

Location: Cousley between Edgewater and Grassy Point Estate's entrance
Speed Hump Site

Bachground: Feedback to this page states that there is a speeding problem between Edgewater and the Grassy Point Estate's entrance. If this is so, then the Grassy Point Estate residents may get involved in the yeh or neh decision for Speed Humps on this section of Cousley. Traffic volume on Cousley is medium.

Discussion (Pros & Cons):
PRO -- Speed HUMPS are appropriate for street use.
PRO -- Acceptable for non-interference with police, EMS and fire fighting vehicles.

Commercial Info on Speed Humps

Questions already addressed:
1. The residential speed limit is 30 MPH.
2. Proposed SPEED HUMP locations: 146 and 170 Cousley
3. Presently assume that the Country Public Works "Right of Way" would be the appropriate approval agency or would it be the County Engineer, Dan Quick.

Questions that have to be addressed:
1. Look for a proposed location between Edgewater & Grassy Point Estate's entrance?
2. Width of the Cousley roadway?
3. How would this be paid for?
4. Who would install these?
5. Would additional speed limit signage help?

Next step: Call the County for some feedback on the feasibility of this kind of a project.

Send an eMail for inclusion in this DISCUSSION of Speed Enforcement.

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