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Neighborhood Watch .................. Revised 08/05/2018

Report a Problem                                                               Report a Crime

* Speak to your neighbor directly.                                  
* Speak to your Block Captain, a GPCIA Officer or Board member.
* Send an eMail to
* Contact the Neighborhood Support Committee for recommendations or assistance.
* The Committee will offer advice or assistance to help in resolving the issue.
* If a problem persists, it will be forwarded to the Board and further action may be considered.
* If it looks suspicious, report it. Avoid verbal and physical encounters. If you suspect criminal activity, observe a crime in progress or see evidence of a crime you should contact the sheriff's office immediately.
* Call 911 only if it is happening RIGHT NOW.
* Call 639-0013 or 639-2101. if it is NOT happening RIGHT NOW.
* Call our Neighborhood Watch Liaison, Denise Garbacz: (941) 979-9650.
* Call your Block Captain so others will be alerted as well.
* There is also an on-line form at that you can use to report a crime that is not happening RIGHT NOW.

Please mark your calendars for the next "Neighborhood Watch" MEETING

Date: March 1, 2014
Time: 10AM - 4PM
Location: Beach Complex

Each year the Charlotte County Sheriff's Dept. hosts a "Safe Community" event for all associations that have an active Neighborhood Watch group. Each group puts up a display around a theme and there are prizes awarded for the most creative, most informative and most original. The prizes are designed to benefit everyone in the neighborhood. This year the event will be held Saturday, March 1, 2014 at the Beach Complex. There will be a BBQ and the event can be fun and a chance to meet other Neighborhood Watch groups and learn what is happening in their neighborhoods and what they are doing to combat crime. I encourage everyone to attend and am asking for volunteers to help put our display together for the event. The displays are very elaborate with neighbors working together to put up the best display around a common theme. This year the theme is "10 Ways To Get To Know Your Neighbor". I'm not very good at the creative side of thinking up what to do and would like help and suggestions on how best to demonstrate the theme in our display. If you have suggestions, please let me know.
Denise Garbacz
HOST: Charlotte County Sheriff Department

Neighborhood Watch ~ Newsletter (March 31, 2013)
Neighborhood Watch March 2013 Newsletter
Neighborhood Watch ~ Celebrate Safe Communites (February 14, 2013)
Neighborhood Watch Table
Celebrate Safe Communities
Neighborhood Watch ~ Minutes of Meeting (February 23, 2012)

CCSO presentations were made to concerned residents by:
Neighborhood Watch ~ Minutes of Meeting (January 25, 2012)

Brick & Cheryl Rule, Tom Cartier, Ed Barry, Diane Eck, Esther Forti, Richard Porcelli, Mariann, Dave & Christine Smith & Shirley Leinbaugh

          Speeding is still a problem and there was a lot of discussion about the problem. It was noted in the traffic study recently done one vehicle was clocked at 72mph. Fed Ex and UPS are also part of the speeding problem but since all streets are dead end the problem is mostly from residents. (see 3&4 below)

          Discussed what to do about people picking through recycles on trash day. There were feelings both ways but most were concerned with the element that is being attracted by the available aluminum. (see 7 below)

          The entrance on Cousley is dark. There was discussion about installing additional street lighting. A map of the existing lighting is posted on the web site at Street Lighting and we will ask for comments about adding/changing/moving the existing lights. The comments will be compiled and a consensus plan will be developed for the board to review.

          It was generally agreed that regular meetings would be a good thing to do.

          1) It was suggested that we install a video surveillance warning sign and maybe a dummy camera at the entrance. Even if no actual taping is done it will be a deterrent. Private funding was offered to implement the idea. Noted that the gated area has a similar sign.

          2) It was suggested that a “No Soliciting” sign at the entrance might help.

          3) It was suggested that we investigate lowering the speed limit and posting additional signage.

          4) It was also suggested that a double yellow line at the curve on Cousley would help people stay on their side of the road at this low visibility curve.

          5) The Neighborhood Watch sign at the entrance is not visible. It maybe too high and many people said that they have never noticed it. It was suggested that we lower the sign and maybe add another one perhaps near the curve on Cousley.

          6) It was suggested that picking up old shopping guides and newspapers would be helpful so that it wouldn’t look like people were away.

          7) Collecting and recycling our own aluminum would remove the attraction.

          8) It was suggested that whistles and flashlights would be more helpful and welcome than vests for the patrollers.

Current Patrols:
          Most patrols are done walking, generally in the morning, logs are generally not kept and only a few people wear vests. Some patrols by car use the magnetic signs.

Estimated "Neighborhood Watch" Patrols per week

Street Patrolled Morning Afternoon Evening Pre-Dawn
  Cousley   21   3   6   4
  Morgan   12   3   6   4
  Croop   6   3   9   0
  Stebbins   10   3   6   0
  Fields   12   3   3   0
  Tait   9   3   3   0
  Fry   12   3   3   0
  George   12   3   3   4

Action items
          * Collect street light suggestions. Click HERE for Street Lighting Discussion Forum.
          * Investigate with the County the possibility of lowering the speed limit
          * Investigate with the County the process for modifying neighborhood lighting.

Report these suggestions and findings to the Board of Directors. eMail

Eyes & Ears of the Community ~ Celebrate Safe Communities
Saturday, November 19, 2011 at the Cultural Center ~ Click HERE for pix from this event.
Neighborhood Watch ~ Minutes of Meeting (June 16, 2011)

Attendees: CCSO Deputy Bill Miller, Jim Deeble, Donna Elliot, David Smith, Joan Hulet, & Rich Hulet

          The GPCIA member information sheets were given to the CCSO for their files/information. We discussed the boat in the lake, Dep. Miller was going to check their records and get back to us. We thought the situation may solve itself--We think he has a dock to put the boat.
          We need to keep up our summer patrols and various times. Our population has dwindled, but theft is increasing. Bicycles, AC units, any motors (AC and pool), outboards, and as we know scrap iron of all types...Theft is also occuring on docks--fishing poles, motors, etc. some at night, by boat. If you see this, please call 911 and if possible get a description of the boat or registration numbers. The marine unit is stretched very thin.
          We discussed monthly meetings, we all felt bi-monthly was ok at this time. We are to have another meeting in August at the Beach Complex or Cultural Center. Dept. Miller and Dale Phillips, NW Co-ordinator are trying to get rooms at no cost! We'll know at a later date. I will forward to all when I know!
          We then discussed parking & speeding cars. Dept. Miller explained to us that the CCSO are cracking down on parking in a driveway, blocking the sidewalk. It was in the next day's Sun Herald this was happening. The violation carries a warning ticket or a fine of $118. We also discussed speed limit/children playing signs--even speed bumps. Dept. Miller explained that signage/speed bumps is not the best possible remedy--costly and time consuming. If you see parking violations, chronic speeders: call the non-emergency number 639-0013    Even better is to go to web page    On their Web Page you can click on section "crime reports tips online". You may do this anonymously or leave your name and information. He feels that if a number of the same complaints about a suspect comes to the tip line, the reponse will be better. We'll get this on the GPCIA Web page for everyone.
          I also have an "Important Numbers" sheet for NW members. Dept. Miller only left one, I'll make copies and get it to the members. Meeting ended at 7:57 PM.
Rich Hulet

Annual Meeting Agenda01

Annual Meeting Agenda01

Annual Meeting Agenda01

Neighborhood Watch Sign

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