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Photo Summary of family members on this page.

Michael "Tut" Polinsky (aka Polansky)(11/21/1885 - 03/04/1954) Married (xx/xx/19xx) Catherine "Karolina" Klosek(08/15/1895 - 02/17/1929) Children: John Polinsky (12/14/1914 - 12/31/1984) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Mary Michkofsky (08/23/1917 - 10/18/1994) Children: Shirley Polinsky (08/12/1937) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) William "Bill" Adams (xx/xx/19xx - xx/xx/19xx) Children: Sharon Adams (xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) John King (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Eric King (xx/xx/19xx) Ian King (xx/xx/19xx) Danielle King (xx/xx/19xx) Judy Adams (xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Mike Mueller (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Melissa Mueller (xx/xx/19xx) Jennifer Mueller (xx/xx/19xx) William "Billy" Adams (xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) xxxx xxxx (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Colin Adams (xx/xx/19xx) Joshua Adams (xx/xx/19xx) Caroline Polinsky (06/07/1943) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Donald "Don" Wells (10/30/1936) Children: Michael Wells (08/27/1968) Marie Wells (11/27/1969) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Daniel Philot (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Nicholas Philot (12/16/1988) Kimberly Philot (07/05/1994) Marilyn Wells (08/27/1975) Father: (-) xxxx xxxx (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Courtney xxxx (08/30/2001) Stanley Polinsky (04/25/1916 - 05/03/1973) Married: (10/26/1938) Dorothy Homady (07/15/1918 - 09/29/2001) Children: Constance "Connie" Marie Polinsky (02/13/1939) Married: (10/29/1958) Edward Washko (08/07/1938) Children: Michele Sharon Washko (09/29/1959) Married: (xx/xx/1980) Brian Anderson (02/22/19xx) Children: Jennifer Marie Anderson (07/18/1982) Brian James Anderson (04/24/1985) Rebekah Anderson (10/25/1986) Stephanie Anderson (09/20/1988) Cathleen Marie Washko (08/26/1964) Father: (-) Steve Morrissey (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Brent Morrissey (09/27/1989) Edward John Washko (07/20/1968) Married: (xx/xx/1991) Wendy Gaul (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Shawn Washko (03/03/1982) Jeremy Washko (08/26/1992) Katelyn Washko (06/16/1999) Donald Stanley Polinsky (08/25/1943) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Marie Orgis (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Michael Stanley Polinski (08/23/1976) Dorathy Jane Polinsky (05/16/1946) Married: (09/23/1973) Stephen Kozub (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Stephen Paul Kozub (02/02/1975) Georgia Ann Polinsky (02/22/1949) Married: (08/23/1974) Henry "H" Dennis Frombach (05/04/1949) Children: Tracy Dawm Frombach (05/29/1977) Ryan Scott Frombach (12/10/1978) Mother: (-) Julie Dolan Scott (04/23/1971) Children: Aidan Flynn Frombach (01/06/2004) Verna Polinsky (05/19/1918 - 12/10/1981) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) John L. Sullivan (xx/xx/19xx - 09/xx/1981) Peter "Pete" Polinsky (06/29/1919 - xx/xx/1948) Helen Polinsky (01/02/1921 - xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) John Seminich (xx/xx/19xx - xx/xx/19xx) Children: Martha Seminich (xx/xx/1943) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) William "Billy" Gieger (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Christina Gieger (xx/xx/19xx) Father: (-) xxxx xxxx (xx/xx/19xx) Children: James Robert (xx/xx/19xx) Trisha Gieger (xx/xx/19xx) William "Billy" Gieger (xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) xxxx xxxx (xx/xx/19xx) Frank Polinsky (03/xx/1922 - xx/xx/1922) Joe Polinsky (03/09/1922 - xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Helen Konporchick (10/xx/1922) Children: Joanne Polinsky (xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Donald "Don" Vitali (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Heather Vitale (xx/xx/19xx) Son01 Vitale (xx/xx/19xx - xx/xx/19xx) Mary Margaret Polinsky (xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Orin Orso (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Lauren xxxx (xx/xx/19xx) Elizabeth Polinsky (xx/xx/19xx) Married: (xx/xx/19xx) Robert "Bob" Mirabella (xx/xx/19xx) Children: Augustus Mirabella (01/29/1995) Anna Polinsky (05/05/1923) Married: (09/25/1943) Steve Antol (01/19/1917 - 03/11/2005) Children: David Antol (12/29/1946 - 12/20/1967) Patricia "Patty" Veronica Antol (05/03/1949) Married: (11/09/1985) Robert "Bob" Wojciak (01/02/1956) Mary Kathryn Polinsky (01/08/1925 - 10/23/1991) Married: (09/15/1948) Russell Edgar Michel (06/06/1911 - 07/27/1969) (->) Remarried: (xx/xx/19xx) James Dennis Cronin (xx/xx/19xx - xx/xx/19xx)

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